Friday, August 21, 2009

When in Rome...

In just a few weeks Cuddle Buns and I, along with his 2 brothers and their wives, will be jetting to Ireland for "The Anniversary Tour". His little brother, known to many of you due to the fact that he is on the no fly list and has probably held up your flights on occasion while the authorities read the letter he must carry stating he does not belong to any group despite having a good, strong Catholic name, thinks he is 100% Irish. Even though his mother is NOT. (I know. She told me.) Get a couple beers in him, and his Irish brogue couldn't be picked out in a pub lineup.

ANYWAY, he has planned this trip for us. (I love traveling when I don't have to make any real decisions.) He and his wife, who have made trips to Ireland a time or two, have found the church that the grandparents attended. There the six of us will be renewing our vows. To our respective spouses, not to the family in general, which I would NEVER do having attended nearly every family reunion for 30+ years and have still lived to tell the stories. (Not that I don't love you guys....just saying.) Why this year? It is a monumental year. Cuddle Buns little bro and wife have been married 30 years. We have been married in perfect bliss for 35 years. Older bro and wife for 40 years. (Can these guys plan it, or what???)

In anticipation of cooler weather, I have been knitting up a storm. I have finished the actual knitting on The Rogue Hoodie for me (just need to do the blocking and seaming) and have now started on the Iain Sweater for Cuddle Buns. I'm knitting it from Eco Wool from Cascade, for you fiber lovers out there who love the smell of sheep when they knit. (Hope it doesn't rain while Cuddle Buns is wearing it. He'll be warm and dry but will stink of the sheep pens.)

I've made a little headway on it since I've been back. Rudy has been helping.

PS...The guys had an older brother who passed away 13 years ago. If he were still with us, he and his wife would have been married 45 years this year. Cuddle Bun's mom says that says a lot about the men-folk in the family. We think it has more to do with the women they married.

We miss you Tom!

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  1. you may want to carry a little febreeze with you as it is quite rainy in ireland this time of year.... would not want the local sheep to hail dad as their leader.