Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let the travels begin....

Know how you can sometimes get something in your head that you think will be absolutely awesome to do only to find out you are totally clueless? Am I the only one? Probably. Paranoia has served me well.

I decided that I would blog about my experiences with my new puppy. He is the cutest ever. It really is too bad about all of the other puppies in the world. I have the cutest. Smartest. Chewingest. I wanted to show you pictures of him romping through our adventures only to find out that the awesome photos of him hopping through the Iowa cornfields needed a little more Photoshopping than I know how to do. So, I've been stewing.

Rudy and I are on a road trip. From 105 degree weather in Houston north...slowly...to NW Iowa where the temps at night are in the 50s, in the 70s and 80s during the day. (HEAVEN!) Because Rudy and I have the same sized bladder, we took three days to reach our destination as opposed to the two it used to take me...before menopause and before Rudy.

Rudy is a traveling man! He seems to be able to adapt quite well to wherever we have landed. Only one accident in 7 days! Rudy had it...not me. I am so glad he is a good boy in the car. I love road trips and hope to make a few with him. My deep desire to be a hermit is served well during a road trip, at least until I reach the family I usually am driving to visit. Staying in a hotel alone is the best: I love having my own thinking time, knitting time, tv remote time. Of course, once here in Iowa, I've got one dad and a step-mom, one sister and bro-in-law, and one mom, and two dog nieces. All nuts in very different ways than me. (Of course, we're all nuts. Genetic freight train, according to my daughter.)(We're a fun group, though!)

ANYWAY, I've wanted to show you some awesome pictures of him going to the tractor pulls....but I'm going to have to present those as I learn. And learn I will!!

For now, I'm hoping you'll enjoy this photo of my Rudy shucking his first ear of Iowa sweet corn. The best sweet corn you'll ever taste. Well worth the trip to Iowa. Trust me. Trust Rudy!

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  1. This is sooo cool. Love hearing about Rudy and your travels. You are just trying to make those of us back in this Texas summer weather. . . and starting back to WORK on Monday . . . jealous aren't you?!?! Well it worked . . . good job!

    Take care and have a safe trip!