Thursday, August 13, 2009

OKC DOT question....

We've lived in Texas for 32 years. Early on, our only vacations were to NW Iowa. I figure we've made the trip over 30 times. We never flew, always drove. Usually, there was construction either in Oklahoma City or Kansas City.

Several years ago, my son and I made the trip together. We were driving through Oklahoma City in what seemed like a WAY OUT OF OUR WAY detour. The speed limit on this route was posted at 54 mph. 54.

This trip, again there was construction in OKC. Minor construction, but the digitally posted speed limit was.....wait..... 48 mph.

Now, I'm thankful even numbers were used. Those who know me may be aware of my need for even numbers or those ending in 5. But....54? 48? Can someone explain the need to diverge from standard road speeds??

Rudy didn't seem to mind:

Guess where I am now....

Not home yet....but in the hot, muggy state, at least.

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