Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Big Man

Rudy went nameless for about a week after we got him.

We had a 65 pound Springer Spaniel until a little more than a year ago. Murphy thought he was a lap dog. Now we had this lap dog acting like he could do anything. The first day we had him, weighing in at 2.7 pounds, he tried to jump on the couch. Kept trying. He carried Cuddle Bun's size 11s around. They not only were bigger than him, but weighed more. Played fiercely with a huge lab pup and barked his first bark at him.

I wanted a big guy name. Something like Jack Crabb. Fezzik. (Name those movies? Anyone?) My son-in-law said he need a gangsta name. My nephew suggested 20 Cent. My brother-in-law called him Killer. He was known at the vet as Baby Dog Burke.

Nothing really seemed to fit. He's such a little guy with such a big guy attitude and so dern cute.

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