Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a wasted Wednesday

Apparently, the bad economy has really hit downtown Houston hard. My dear son and The Zoe and I took a trip to the Aquarium this afternoon. We usually all have a great meal and a good time riding the train and playing in the water. Gracious. Things have changed. The restaurant, in an attempt to cut costs, is now only displaying fake fish.

Shoot. The mechanical scarey shark wasn't even working.


OK...We did go to the Aquarium, had a great meal, Zoe had fun watching the fish and naming them after family members, and we did ride the train.

Cuddle Buns just sounded pathetic when he found out where we were. So I didn't want him to think he had missed anything, and since he's the only one I know of who regularly reads Rudy's blog, I thought I'd make stuff up about a terrible time.

Honey, I know you're still reading: The mechanical shark was not working. For real. It was a wasted trip.

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  1. I never tire of reading this...can't wait for THE BOOK!