Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm King of the World!

Sitting on top of the electrical box thingy. Taken with same Sony as yesterday. I did, however, use the zoom because I wasn't going to leave the house. It was cold out there! BTW...moments before this shot he was pulling leaves off the banana tree. I may not need to resort to poison.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 Challenge

Have you heard of it? I think the goal is to improve your photography skills. You take a picture daily. (There are variations. I saw one where you take a self portrait every day. No thanks.) Then, you learn how to take better pictures, scrap your daily life, whatever.

I have so many things that need improvement and quite honestly, photography is at the bottom of the list. I was thinking about doing it, starting late, as usual, but then couldn't really see myself scrapping a page weekly to include the 7 pictures. Even digitally. Then, once I did, well....then what?

SO! I'm going to TRY to take a picture a day and post it here. We'll see what happens. Expect random-ness. And most likely, lots of Rudy.

And, I'll most likely be a day behind. Go figure.

For January 29th, taken in Plano, Texas:

Biggest yarn shop I've ever been in. Zoey grabbed a basket and started putting in yarn. Had to restrain her. Then had to restrain myself.

PS...Some day I'm going back without a child.

PSS...taken from the car window on a Sony point and shoot (that will do more if I'd let it) in a fine rain and about 38 degrees, thank you very much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Save the date...

After I let Rudy chase me around the couch and over Cuddle Bun's legs several times last night, he perched on the arm of the couch, and gave me that cute little "You must talk baby talk to me and come give me a scratch around my ears and let me lick your nose" look.  As I swooped in to do just that,  I realized he has a birthday coming up. I start telling Rudy that we need to start planning his birthday party. I mean, we only have a little more than 3 months to get the arrangements made. Cuddle Buns had a cute little smile on his face as I started to rattled off a proposed guest list: Hobbit, Mia, Scooter and Carmy, Sketcher, Copper and Cooper...

I glance up at CB. The smile was gone. He says (with realization and shock and surprise and a hint of horror): "You're serious!"

What kind of cake do dogs like? I know chocolate is bad for them. Will carrot cake work? I'm sure they make little party hats for dogs....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is being a hunter/gatherer gender specific?

 This is our very lovely banana tree in our backyard. Actually, it isn't OURS. It belongs to the next door neighbors and insists on growing back on our side of the fence every year. I've chopped. Hurricane Ike blew it over. Poison was suggested by a yard man, but I won't do that to the neighbors. This last summer it was rather pretty. It didn't get too big and just looked kind of cute there behind our strategically placed electrical doodah box there in the corner. (Winter and a big dog being chased by a little dog through the yard have kind of exposed the box by trampling the big Japanese iris plant I have there to hide said box.) ( isn't a Japanese iris. I just  Googled it. Is Google capitalized? Anyway, the pictures don't jive and I can't remember what in the world that grassy plant with the pretty blooms is!)

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in Humble-upon-Houston. We left the back door open so Rudy could wander in and out. He loves sitting out there, barking at nothing, chasing salamanders, eating plants and carrying them into the house. I promise. That banana tree was twice that size yesterday. Rudy brought it in to play with. I was going to take a picture of the tree bits I swept up....but was too embarrassed by the other particulates in the heap. (Particulates....I've been watching too much "Bones"!)

I don't think I shared that once he dragged (drug?) in a COCONUT SHELL? Where in the world he got it I'll never know.

What I think he is trying to tell me is that winter is over and it is time to clean up the dreary yard. I'll get right on that...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From Sister Bertrille to Marge Simpson (but not blue) in one easy wash...

Apparently in my absence Rudy has grown a winter coat. All I did was bathe him. And turned him into a Tribble.

The side shot isn't so poofy.

It doesn't seem to bother him. Wish I could handle bad hair days as well as he does. (HE probably being the operative word here.) Of course on Rudy it isn't bad hair. It's still cute.

Speaking of cute....what happened to my puppy??? Remember this???

That's about a size 10 (men's) behind him.

He'll have a birthday before I know it. I need to start planning.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rudy Would've Needed a Sweater

Carrie and I went to Rothenburg today. Beautiful medieval city.