Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm having a really nice day

That song is from "The Wild". Not near as well known as "Madagascar" but about the same story. And that song that is really great.

A year ago today my car was totaled. I'm only telling you this because yesterday it died. Painfully. On the side of a country road about a mile from my house. Three people drove by. Three people stopped. (Actually four drove by but one didn't stop because there were already helpers on hand.) Only Kyle knew a little about cars and recommended I not drive it. Blown gasket? Sure. Ok. He packed up my groceries and Tex Mex carry out in his pickup and "Ma'am"ed me all the way to the house. He's a student at Tarlington. Wants to be a vet. Very nice young man. Judy came to tow my car away but then had tow truck problems and had to leave it. But she took the keys to the repair shop this morning and they got it before I was out of my jammies. Doesn't this sound like good news/bad news?

In the words of a great philosopher (Care Bear) it really was a pretty nice day. Got rescued by a hunky young man AND found my new favorite Tex Mex place.

After a morning of working on the place I'm now eating lunch on my swing with my new friend. That is my salad dressing he is on.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Butterfly Sanctuary

Got up in the country to find a gazzillian butterflies everywhere. Monarchs mostly. Amazing flurry all around me. Impossible to photograph. Amazing.