Monday, February 27, 2012

And now for something completely different...

Check out the guy second from last. With the hair.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I know that the three of you may feel this post is inappropriate. I was telling my SIL about some of my observations concerning Rudy's poop recently, all the while thinking (but unable to shut up) that "I can't believe I'm talking about this and she already thinks I'm nuts!"

But I've notice something while living in the apartment AND I think Rudy may have issues.

When we lived in the house, I would just let Rudy out the back door and no observations were made. He often didn't poop when we walked back then. When you walk your dog you HAVE to notice how often they poop. Plastic bags are involved, at least in populated areas.  (So it is more eco-friendly to put plastic bags in the landfills than leave my dog's poop in the grass.) (Having said that, I have stepped in poop of big dogs here in the apartment complex that had not been put in a plastic bag and then ended up in a landfill. It is a tricky situation.) (I most likely will not be carrying plastic bags in the country.)

I have noticed that Rudy must have just the right place to poop. AND, if there are a lot of smells, even when it is 40 degrees or pouring rain, he has to smell them all to find just the right place. Even, sometimes, with false starts. "WAIT! OVER HERE!" "NO! THIS SPOT IS BETTER!!" There are a lot of dogs here in the apartment complex. A LOT. So, that means there are a lot of smells. Dog smells. Unfamiliar dog smells.

Did I mention it was a little chilly outside this morning?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Counting My Blessings

I do not want to be here. Rudy doesn't want to be here. He likes the country. I love the country. So, I've been trying to list the good things about apartment living:

  1. Easy access to Target.
  2. My friends are here.
  3. There are lovely trees around our building and the birds in the morning are amazing. (They cover the road noise from 59. Kind of.)
  4. Speaking of road noise, we have easy access to 59. 
  5. There is fast food close by.
  6. I am walking more. Rudy can't just be let out. So, I'm getting in a half dozen mini-walks a day. This is good exercise AND  is calming.
  7. Cleaning is a breeze. 3 tiny rooms. 
  8. My church of 30 years is here. I look forward to meeting new friends in a new church. BUT, 30 years is a long time! (How many preachers have come and gone??)
  9. There is a drainage ditch bayou behind our place and these huge turtles bask on the sides. Cool. There are huge rabbits back there, too. Rudy discovered the rabbits yesterday.
  10. I have the Internet....mostly. And TV (although I've discovered I'm not watching it as much)(which is probably a good thing).
There may be more. I'll let you know.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good News/Bad News

The Bad News is that I'm back in Humble/Kingwood. I left this yesterday after lunch:

The Good News is that I get to pick the Grand Princess up from school today and have her spend the night. AND I get to go scrapping tomorrow. AND I get to shop for various items I need for these:
My new kitchen
Our new yard

Notice it is MY kitchen and Library but OUR yard. Although I think I'll become more exterior...I'm still claiming interior decorating rights.

Rudy is definitely exterior. There is this little stone fence around our house that keeps him contained. Much to his annoyance. He loves the exterior of the exterior.