Saturday, August 8, 2009

I don't know how to tell Rudy....

Rudy's mom was a stray chihuahua who hung around the business where my husband works. For the first 6 months, she wouldn't let anyone touch her. Then she began to soften up, and Manny, who works with my husband and lives close to the business, became her best bud. Manny kind of adopted her, named her Princess, and let the pups be born on his porch.

Manny found her today by the side of the road in front of work. She had been hit by a car.

I had never met Princess, but I've been sad all day. Princess, you birthed one great puppy! Rest in peace!

We also said good-bye to my mom. I don't think Rudy, who kind of enjoyed rides in her wheelchair, really knew the significance of that last smooch. But I'll tell you, the best part of my day was, after I tucked her in her bed at the care center, hearing her giggle like days of old when Rudy licked her all over her face.

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  1. we still havn't told him. probably never will. just reading it over again and remember how hard it was. but a neww dog has showed up about a week ago but not a pretty as Princess.