Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm sure there is a treatment.....

Rudy and I are both taking up new hobbies. I think he is getting into gardening. Look at the glee and intensity in his face. (And those EARS! Don't you just love 'em!)

I didn't get the shot of his little snout covered in mud from the hole he was digging. Wish he could figure out how to fill the watering can and clean up.

I, too, have a new pastime, and, as a matter of fact, I just made this for it:

Instead of paying lots of cash for a really cool wooden one, I made this myself for $8.37. (It would have been cheaper, but I didn't want to sand, so I bought chair tips for a couple of bucks.) Any guesses??

Does this help?

That is my new spinning wheel there at my feet. Here are my enablers:

Midge (in the background) taught the class Barbara and I took in Boerne at the Kid 'n Ewe festival this weekend.

Donna sold me my cute little wheel. I'm holding my first attempt at spinning.

We've barely enough room in the house for my Rudy's toys, my scrapping stuff, my am I going to store fiber stash? I'm thinking Cuddle Buns will have to store all of his hunting stuff elsewhere. That OK, honey?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is there a Bolt Syndrome?

Rudy was dressed as Bolt for only a couple of hours. Really. But I'm thinking during his little procedure yesterday he may have become confused.

With careful post-surgery instructions I came home expecting him to be groggy for a day and then subdued so that I could, as warned, keep him from jumping or running a lot for THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. Right.

Either they hyped him up on Halloween candy or he got it all mixed up in his head during that foggy coming off the anesthesia time period and actually became his hero. He's been running and jumping MORE than usual. He's a maniac! Racing around the house and bounding onto the TOP of the couch. Jumping off our bed that is 20 feet off the ground. Jumping from one lap to the next. And the tail doesn't stop wiggling his whole behind.

Not at all like Cuddle Buns after his surgery.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Rudy is at the vet today. Getting snipped. I hope he talks to me when he gets home.