Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have issues...

Many. I'm sure that has been discussed among you. But this issue has me puzzled:

What are the job qualifications to work in signage? Must you graduate from high school? Pass the TAKS? Do you get any kind of test in proof reading? And, what is the pay scale? Do you get paid by the sign? Or by the correct sign? Is there a supervisor? What are the qualifications for THAT job?

Does this sign confuse those living on Liles Lane? 

Did someone just say OOPS? Maybe they won't notice?

Why hasn't anyone corrected this?? Electrical tape would work. Or even Sharpy drawn arrows. It is right in front of an elementary school, for crying out loud!! Have the kids noticed? Could it be a class project to fix it?

Or are they all misspelling that word on this week's spelling test?

Did I have the person who created this sign in class?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Two Weeks at Camp

Sorry. I've been busy learning to use this program. I read my mom's last post, and despite the fact that she seemed to have a really good time, it can't compare to mine. What a dream come true!

This is my best friend, Petey:

Petey lives next door. That's me peeking into his yard, if you didn't recognize me. (I don't think my mom puts nearly enough pictures of me here, so you might not know it is me.) That big hole in the fence is embarrassing to my mom, but she won't have it fixed since it is usually the only way I get to see Petey. (Another dog made that big hole right after the new Hurricane Ike fence.)

I got to go stay with Petey for two whole weeks. I got into a bit of trouble the first night, cuz when I went to bed with Petey, I wanted to play all night. So I got banned from the bed. No matter. We played ALL DAY LONG!

Mom will play tug with me. But not as much as I want. Petey was GREAT at playing tug. Oh me. We went through a brand new toy in NO TIME!

Mom lets go of our tug toys often. Not Petey.

Petey also plays attack. Since I'm so much bigger than Petey, I usually won.

Petey had these soft cushy jowls that were great to pull on. long as I get to play with Petey and at least nap with him a bit, mom can go anywhere she wants!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Whenever I'm in the Alps (both times) I've had the urge to spin and sing The Hills are Alive. I mean....really. It is an awesome place. Were I to actually do this, however, the hills would groan and crumble, windows would break, goats would bolt, cows would have no milk for months, and I most likely would be added to the list of persona non grata. If there were such a thing. If there isn't, one would be created.

So instead, I'm going list here my TOP 5 favorite things about our trip. Tomorrow, Rudy will list his.

1. The boys and their pretending and even their fighting. Star Wars, up dog, How to Train Your Dragon, Get Smart (the old TV series!), snuggles, boobies. All of it.

2. Partnach Gorge outside of Garmisch was awesome. I posted picts earlier. But one thing that was amazing to me was coming out of the tunnel on the hike up through the gorge to find dozens and dozens of stacked rocks. I know there is a word for them. Someone suggested prayer stone stacks. I'm not sure, but to me it was a magical site!

3. Cow and goat bells. Yes, I'm dingy. The first night in the Alps Cuddle Buns and I sat outside of our room admiring the mountains we could barely make out in the dark. There were bells ringing. Not like church bells. More tin-y than chimes. Then, as we hiked up one of the slopes to a lake nestled above us, we heard goats. They had bells. And then cows. They had bells. In the morning and again in the evening, the sound of bells could be heard from our room. Loved it.

4. Heidelberg. I just love it. The castle and it's history. But the little town itself, too. Sitting in the little outdoor cafe eating ice cream while the other adults had beers, watching the "tourists" and the locals and the boys run around the fountain.

5. Our host and hostess. For putting up with my kleenex and knitting and Cuddle Bun's Mario Kart and beer drinking. For taking Cuddle Buns to Oktoberfest and letting me swim all day with the boys. For showing us everything but Neuschwanstein Castle. : )

(This isn't a picture of their apartment. It is at Heidelberg Castle. Their apartment has about as many steps as does the castle, but they have plumbing.)

Monday, October 4, 2010


During our trip to Germany, I drank bunches of coffee. The hotel where we stayed during the Octoberfest outing had a Starbucks. Care Bear has an awesome coffee maker that Cuddle Buns and DSIL kept flowing until about lunch time. (I think they were perhaps creating their own drinks with it. I was drinking it straight.) Yesterday, though, we left the house at about 6am Frankfurt time (11pm on Saturday Houston time) to catch our flight. I had one cup of coffee. I bought a Coke at the airport that was hot and consumed about half of it. By the time we landed yesterday at 3:30pm, I had downed maybe two little airplane cups of Coke. This morning, at 7am our time.....2pm - a whole day and a half from my last cup of coffee by my body time...I awoke with a massive caffeine-withdrawal headache. Perhaps it is time to cut back?