Monday, December 22, 2014

This should be standard equipment in the Midwest

So I just got back from a quick trip to Iowa. My wondrous Aunt Gerry passed away. We spent so much time at her house growing up. She and my Uncle "Dick Clark" Bob had been married 62 years this coming Saturday. I called them Mr. and Mrs. Dick Clark because they never changed, never aged. She will be so missed, but I know she is giggling with Jesus and I'll see her again! 

It is winter in the Midwest. It wasn't bad. Hovered around freezing while I was there. No snow. The biggest pain is wearing a coat. And taking it off in the car. And putting it back on to go into a store. And taking it off because it's hot in there. And putting it back on yadayadayada. As I was leaving my favorite state, I stopped to get gas at a very busy little station. Wish I could remember the name of it or where it was. The restrooms were amazing. (Very important.) Each stall was it's own little washroom with sink, etc. When I turned to sit, I discovered the seat was plugged in to the wall. With instructions.



I didn't try either. I was still warm from the trip into the heat. But really. The heater part should be standard throughout all snowy, cold regions.

Don't know about the other.