Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I've been doing....

  • I have seen nearly every episode from the first three seasons of Gilligan's Island. Or at least listened to them. (Did you know that Gilligan was always in trouble? But the professor was, at least half the time, responsible for the mix-ups? And, there is no way The Minnow could have carried all of Mrs. Howell's hats. Mary Ann even had more of a wardrobe than could have been carried by that tiny ship.) (Were there only three seasons? )
  • I have been involved in a two week long game of The Cheese Touch. (Think "cooties".) (Or go see "Diary of a Whimpy Kid".)
  • I have had the Star Wars theme buzzing in my head off and on, even while asleep. I've also had Star Wars weaponry and artillery lessons. Complete with sound effects.
  • I have been beaten in Monopoly, Money Bags, and Connect Four. Regularly. I did win a hand of Uno. Once.
  • I have had my breath taken away by the scenery.

  • I've purchased hand painted Easter eggs and cowbells. And YARN!
  • I've watched ski lessons. In amazement.
We call him Pizza
We call him French Fries

  • I've witnessed Harry Potter and a vampire participate in Fasching. (Think Mardi Gras - German style.)
  • I have missed Cuddle Buns and Rudy like crazy, but don't want to leave this place!