Sunday, August 30, 2009

A hunting we will go....

I told Cuddle Buns when we got Rudy that he could be a hunting dog. He knows the commands COME and SIT if he thinks there might be treats involved. (Rudy knows them, not Cuddle Buns.) I'm not sure what else he'll need to know before he goes out with Elmer and his brothers Elmer where they carry guns and blend in with the landscape. I'm thinking SLEEP would be a good one to know.

His Auntie Donna brought him some hunting gear yesterday, although he has a bit of room to grow in it. That's fine, because I don't think I'll really let him go hunting until he is at least 10. I probably should get him a bright orange collar, too.

Rudy has another Auntie Donna who gave him a present when we saw her on our way back into town from Iowa.

Every dog should have his own tire.
Now he'll be ready for our trip to Iowa next year as we pass through Oakland. (Iowa)

I have no idea what GH A6 is. I think you'd need to know more about tractor pulls than I do. At least those in Oakland, Iowa.

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