Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is for Carla and Carrie

Where we live now. Well, not exactly. This is Comanche. Right across from the county courthouse which is not nearly as interesting as this western store on the square. Our new address is actually Dublin. Dr. Pepper Dublin. Or formerly Dr. Pepper Dublin. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have been warned, by my sister-in-law who lives on 100 Acre Ranch in Lamkin, Texas (Google the population of that community!) and our new Dublin neighbor who we met briefly on Friday (more on that in a minute), that living in the country will take a little getting used to. I am prepared to fill the freezer with empty calorie items that can't be delivered to the house. This one thing does have me a bit concerned. I love my delivery.

But I went to HEB yesterday. Here in the traffic. And the masses. And the no school for MLK Day. And I know in the country there will be inconsiderate folk who park their carts right in the middle of the aisle and are oblivious to all behind them. And I know there will be unruly kids there who aren't paying attention to mom telling them to get out of the way. If, in fact, mom was paying attention. And I know there will be sackers who would rather talk to the checker than bag my groceries. AND, I know there will be traffic on the way home who travel at the speed of molasses and don't use their turn signals.

But I just don't think there will be as many of them!

So about our new neighbor. Cuddle Buns and I were walking our new property when we noticed a big white pickup near the gate. The only people coming near our gate should be Army Corp of Engineer people, the owners of the ranch across the easement, or someone we know. So we watched. As we were leaving, the driver of the truck asked if we knew where the smoke was coming from. That was when we noticed quite a plume behind our house toward the lake. Or maybe on the other side of the dam. She was out checking things given the fires of late in Texas. And, she grew up in our house. And now lives on the ranch across the easement part time. (In Denton the rest of the time.) We exchanged phone numbers and she promised the house would be safe, that the Corp had the fire under control. And not to listen to John, the officer at the abstract company who had handled our closing. He had told a story about a party in our house when they were in high school. And she needed to get with him about the reunion.

I don't live there yet, but I love the country.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rudy's New Playground-For Real This Time

I have hesitated to post anything because of an earlier post where I put pictures of Rudy's new playground...and then the deal fell through. But this deal is signed, sealed, and will be delivered shortly! (We won't have the keys for a few days.) But Rudy and Cuddle Buns and I are making a move to the country. We are beside ourselves!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hope Yours Were the Best

I was not given permission to post this on here it is for the vast number of my blog readers to view. We had the best Christmas. Hope yours were awesome, too!