Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stop me if you've heard this one

When I was in seventh grade we had a week long period with no electricity. In the winter. With 6 feet of snow over a layer of ice. Blew the town generator. I don't remember the temperature and I'm sure that as a 7th grader I wasn't as worried about it as my mom. I was missing a dreaded science test, after all. Life was good. 

Here in central Texas we have had no loss of electricity, thankfully. But last Friday, after frozen rain, sleet, and then snow, we awoke to this wonderland:

By my Iowa Root Standards, this is nothing. But here in the land of the Nearly Tropical, this is A Pretty Big Deal. Today is Tuesday and we finally have sun. But the temp is in the teens, so melting is going to be slow. The main road is not terrible...according to my neighbor. I haven't ventured. But the county road by our house is apparently rough. We've had no mail since Thursday. That means no Netflix. Which is only an issue because we were SUPPOSED to have cable installed on Friday. And this morning Cuddle Buns used the last of the coffee. So things are close to desperate. 

Desperate only if I really wasn't having a seventh grade fun flashback. I'll send Cuddle Buns to Rosie's on the corner for coffee in the morning if I have to! 

So what have we been doing?

Cuddle Buns has been bringing in the Christmas decorations a box at a time. (We were both sick at Thanksgiving so it didn't get done.) I have very slowly put a few things up.
Garlands above the doors and windows.

The pyramid from Germany. I love this thing.

The stockings my mom made. I had them framed several years ago since they were starting to be quite worn. I love how the sequins sparkle.

And we've watched both of the most recent Star Trek movies. Streamed episodes of Leverage and X Files. (Which seems even more bizarre now then when Cuddle Buns was addicted in the 90s.)

I have knit. Finished my set of Knitted Knockers...breast prosthesis for cancer patients after mastectomies. I am almost done with a scarf for Special Olympics. I started a Christmas present for a friend. I swatched (technical knitting term) for a sweater for me. And I knit a wreath.

I've baked cookies.

I've pinned like crazy. And found a home made starch recipe on Pinterest to block my snow and stars.

And Rudy? He is not a fan of ice and cold. He'll run out to take care of business, but that is it. The Princess blanket is his spot of choice. 

And if he can get under it, all the better.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day Activities

All church functions were canceled today. The roads are still ice covered although the temp did get into the 40s. Cuddle Buns ventured to the corner store. I chose another day in.

I decided that if I were going to continue to "pin" things I should really try one or two. So I made this cool star today. Isn't it cool? And pretty easy.

Snow days should be kind of productive!