Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I guess being prepared should be part of your budget...

Today a friend and I trekked over to the Lonestar Scrapbooking Company to pick up our passports to begin this weekend's Crop Hop (don't ask Cuddle Buns about it--he just rolls his eyes) and we stopped at Mercer Arboretum so my scrapping/gardening friend could exchange a t-shirt at their gift shop. I haven't been to Mercer for years. We took a quick tour (it is still winter, after all, and not much blooming/growing yet) and then went into the gift shop. It really was a cute little place. The proprietor is trying to fill the shop with unique gifts made locally. Most are. I especially liked the garden sculptures made from gardening tools and implements. But I instantly fell in love with this bronzy looking tree in the window. I'm thinking of all the wonderful Easter eggs my mom made when we were kids and thinking it would look great in the middle of my table all year long, decorated appropriately for each season.

It wasn't for sale. The proprietor told me she had purchased it at Costco and was getting ready to put magnets on it that would be for sale. She pointed out another she had with jewelry hanging on it.

Man. Another use for said tree!

So, I just got online to see where our nearest Costco was and to see if maybe I could just go ahead and order it and have it shipped right to me instead of driving clear across Texas to Willowbrook (Google Maps says 16 miles. My foot.)  I didn't find the tree, but LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

You can order them online. Just put them in your shopping cart. Wonder where you would store it until you need to use it. Wonder what the postman would think. Wonder what the neighbors would think. : )

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