Saturday, February 20, 2010

Could this be why my house smells like a barnyard???

Rudy was just trying to fish something out from under the couch. Imagine my HORROR when I moved it back to see:

4 bones (1 has already been joyfully removed)
3 pieces of chew toy
1 snail (has to be a recent deposit)
several fiber fill deposits
1 knitting needle point protector thingy
2 grapes (Zoey was trying to feed him last night despite my protests)
1 unidentifiable piece-very symmetrical but with no smell-not going to taste it
countless pine needles and pine cone bits

Rudy is now acting like he's got a bunch of new toys.

I was so proud of the fact that I vacuumed the entire couch yesterday.

Best not judge me until you look under your couch.


  1. just looked under my couch...
    i'm judging you now

  2. I am loving this! too funny/1