Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fridge Art

Rudy can't draw yet, so I have none of his work from our fridge to display. However, with three of the grandkids destined for The Louvre, he will have some catching up to do. (He's much younger than they are, to be fair.)

When she becomes famous, I'm sure psychologists will have a field day with Zoe's early works.

She also works with magnets. 

Only the "U" gets to sing in the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics thingy. All the other letters are used in an upsweep fashion that she diligently checks for order when she comes over. I'm sure I've seen some of her future performance art, as well.

At the top of the fridge is a masterpiece by Maddox. He works in tape. This jet liner is several sheets taped masterfully together.

Maddox spent hours at Christmas taping together telescopes for Gramma and Gramps as well as other murals. I can't wait for him to discover duct tape. Think of the possibilities!

This rocket ship is by Hayden. (YES. It IS a rocket ship.)

If you read closely, you will discover that he has indicated that the ship runs on electricity and not on fuel. Very forward thinking child. Another amazing thing about this art work is that only months ago, he flat out refused to hold a pen or pencil unless bribed with M&Ms  or Hershey Kisses. Amazing stuff.

At this point I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Cuddle Buns. He has been such a good sport putting up with my artistic endeavors. Although not as creative or even productive as my grandkids, I do dabble. For the last few days I have had an extra table set up in my kitchen for my scrapping attempts. Now, that in-and-of-itself is a pretty big deal. BUT, when you consider that my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, he has truly been heroic in his silence of this mess creative exploration. 

The table started out in the living room. But, we spend a fair bit of time in the living room, and I thought it should have an air of order. Besides, all my knitting stuff is in there.