Monday, February 1, 2010

Last Day of perfected photography lessons yet

I realized last night very close to bedtime that I hadn't taken my photo for the day. Decided I should try a very delicate photo technique: taking a shot from across the room of Rudy sprawled across Cuddle Buns WITHOUT getting any of Cuddle Bun's Sunday "mess" on the coffee table. (Supper, remotes, cookies, gun-from the Wii, etc, etc.) I took a great shot with only the yellow cap of the little cute plastic cookie "cup" showing. Quite the photographer, huh? From my chair, I had to hold the camera really high and STILL. I am learning great things from this challenge.

But then I finished a silk shawl I've been working on since December 14. (I remember the date because I started it on the plane on my way to Frankfurt.)  The pattern is the Icarus Shawl and the yarn is a luscious silk blend in the colorway called Smog. (I bought the hand dyed yarn on Etsy.) It isn't blocked yet, but I love it.

Of course, my photography reverted back to it's normal point-and-shoot-no-matter-what, so the color isn't great. I suppose the fact that this beautiful smokey purple silk is on the red chair didn't do much for the composition. Oh well. I am thrilled with the shawl.

Oh....and I can't resist. Here's the pict with the real skill involved:

Think a dog's mouth is clean? Check out that filthy bone.

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