Saturday, February 13, 2010

If it is going to be cold, there better be snow

I believe I have stated previously here on Rudy's blog that I have a hard time with re-entry once I come back from a trip. This last one was no different with maybe even more to factor in.  I had to decompress from the stress of leaving my dad alone. Detox from the family togetherness. (You know you're doing it, too, Scott and Teri!!) Tuck away the guilt about no time with my mom. Unpack and then repack (poorly)  for a long weekend of dog/house sitting.

So, I'm still not back on schedule. Routine. Track.

And I'm still amazed that all I'm hearing on the weather news is about the Eastern Seaboard. I KNOW it was a lot of snow. TWICE. I know that it was historic. I know there were power outages, which is dangerous in cold weather. (Ask me about the week with no electricity when I was in seventh grade in NW Iowa.)


Does anyone know that it snowed a foot and a half in DALLAS?? That is pretty historic, I think! And the piles and piles of it in NW Iowa keep getting more piled on. They didn't have 30 inches overnight. But I think it has snowed non-stop since the end of November.

This was in Minneasota. About an hour south of Minneapolis. At a McDonald's. That is my niece. She was trying to get back to Chicago where they were ALSO having a blizzard. She's short. But she's not THAT short!! What's more amazing is the temperature. This is the dash of our rental as we tried to get back to Minneapolis on packed snow to catch our flights. It had already warmed up 5 degrees. (The interior temp was NOT 75. I am positive. My feet were still cold. My nose, too.) 


Since the sun came out today here in the South, I'm feeling a little better. And I've had Rudy to play tug with. He is easy to please. I love that about him. I think he'd have fun in the snow. But I think, like me, he'd prefer the temp to be about 20 degrees higher. At least.

(OK...I have a confession. I didn't know it was snowing in Dallas until DS (Mikie)  called because he was there and had phone picts. I haven't watched the news much since Hurricane Rita  sent everyone in this part of the Gulf in a tizzy and panic,  except at my sister's house to see when in the world we would be able to leave. I didn't like the way ANY news channel milked Rita. So, I read the paper. And the Internet. Which is much more truthful than TV.)

From today's newspaper: It has snowed this season in every state except Hawaii. Pretty cool, huh??? 

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  1. Here's hoping a lot of Southerners enjoyed their snow days!!