Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 5 of Rudy Watch

I didn't mention this earlier because I didn't want all 3 of you to worry, but Monday morning when I got up I felt the need to rush Rudy to the vet. He hadn't been eating for about a week. Not hardly at all. He was still frisky. Still drinking. Still playing tug. Just not eating. I tried a new food, and Monday morning, bright and early, after sampling the new food, he threw up. So I immediately called the vet.

Dr. Key (bless him...he's been our vet for as long as we've lived in Humble and had pets) checked him out and found nothing wrong. He said, "You know what it's like. We don't always feel like eating either." I think my stomach growled when I assured him that I had indeed no idea what he was talking about. Dr. Key offered to do blood work but thought we should just watch him for lethargy, yadayadayada.

So, I brought him home (Rudy, not Dr. Key) and we have been watching him. More so than usual. Cuddle Buns has been giving me reports in the morning before he goes to work to let me know if Rudy just peed or peed AND pooped during his pre-dawn outside time.

And now I have probably created a binge eater. Everytime poor Rudy takes a nibble I cheer and tell him what a good boy he is. Today he ate all of his breakfast AND all of his dinner. He was very proud. As was I.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The kind of day I used to spend in a windowless school wishing I could escape to enjoy the warm weather with no humidity. We only get about three days like that a year here in the Houston area. 

Rudy spends most of his day outside when it is nice. Today, I sat outside for a long while with him. Luxurious. Brilliant sky. Breeze that moved the wind chimes. Birds chirping like crazy.

I tried to get a shot of the intense green of the trees against the splendid blue sky.

Rudy wasn't paying any attention to the weather or the sky or the breeze in the trees. He was busy trying to burrow under the fence to properly meet his new friend. They were nose-to-nose all day. We might need a play date.

TO THE LIBRARY LADIES (and really to most everyone I've seen this week): Thanks for looking so patiently at Rudy's baby book and cooing the expected oohhs and aahhhs. I agree. He was the cutest baby ever. And still is!

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