Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Rancheros

Zoey and I left for The Ranch on Thursday. What a time we had! The Ranch is NW of Hamilton way NW of Temple. It belongs to Cuddle Bun's brother and his wife. It is an awesome retreat!

We fed the cows and got to pet them.

And take their pictures. (With that camera, Zoey's shots look strangely like Cinderella.) (She is a very serious photographer. Takes after her gramma who apparently has dropped out of her online photography class.)

We walked all over nearly 100 acres. (Yes....her pants ARE falling down. They were wet and muddy and therefore a  heavy weight. They probably would have fallen down anyway. The girl has no butt! )
We walked up the "mountain" 4 or 5 times for these views:

A glorious view, isn't it?
 We found the windmill several times.

And Rudy got to wade in the pond. Zoey only got close enough to throw deer corn into it for the fish.

Our walking was off-and-on all day on Friday. Beautiful day for walking. On Saturday it snowed. NOT KIDDING. Not a real snow, according to NW Iowa standards. But it was snow! Momentary snow. With winds at 30 mph. So, cold, wet, horizontal snow.

Rudy and I came home Saturday evening while Zoey stayed with her Daddy for an extra day. Rudy was exhausted. After a bath (no way he was getting into bed with me with mud encrusting him and pond stink on him!) he passed out. Burrowed under the pillows and all tucked in.

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