Friday, January 4, 2013


We have a critter in our house. In addition to Rudy. One we haven't seen but can only hear. In the walls. At night. Care Bear suspects a ghost. If it is, it just recently took up residence AFTER the temps dropped to below freezing. (Smart ghost?) (Not a ghost believer personally.) (Rudy doesn't seem to be bothered by this critter. At all. He is more bothered that I wake up and stomp on the floor.) ANYWAY, this critter has bugged me and caused yelling and throwing things in the middle of the night. But about 5am this morning, after I pounded on the floor for quiet, I glanced out the window and was so thankful the critter woke me up!

I glanced out the window and the glow didn't seem to be from moonlight. And the trees looked frosted. 

I know this pictures isn't the greatest, but it was dark and the garage light was all I had to use. And my phone, because who can find their camera at 5am???

But, when I awoke for good, WINTERWONDERLAND!

OK....not like in Iowa, or Germany.


When we went out to inspect all of the awesomeness, Rudy was really torn. To zip through this crazy white stuff like a crazy dog....or sit and shiver.
It isn't often that this Iowa girl gets to see snow, though. And although I'm quite happy not to live in it full time (especially in the COLD, and I mean colder than what we've had), I do love the pristine first snowfall. 
Dug out my boots and Rudy's coat....Had to walk to the lake. 

(Those white chunks aren't icebergs. They're birds.)

 I think, truth be told, Rudy loves the snow. Not a fan of wet and cold. He is now snuggled into the princess blanket. Warm and toasty. 

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  1. SO GLAD Andy Rudy found comfort in the princess blanket! xoxoxo