Thursday, January 10, 2013

I took no pictures....

I'm not sure pictures would have been appropriate anyway. It could have led to law suits.

And I'm not at all sure how to record the adventures of the last 12 hours. Maybe a picture WOULD help!

I have company. Friends from Humble came yesterday with their daughter who is on her way to her first semester at Texas Tech. We live about halfway in their journey to Lubbock, so it is a good layover. Father and daughter were planning to get up in the wee hours to make the 5 hour drive. An alarm was set for 3:30am. (Not my alarm, mind you. Never.)

Daughter was bunking with me in our spacious king. She was already snoozing when I went to bed a little before 10pm. Her mom and I had just finished watching STAR TREK. (Can't wait for the sequel. May 17 if you're interested.) it gets weird. Bizarre. Not sure I believe what happened next.

There was pounding on my back door. 1:30 am. At first I thought it was the critter. I haven't heard him all week. But then, still in a sleep stupor, I realized someone was at the back door. I went to look.

(In hindsight I should have dialed 911. Thank goodness I wasn't by myself!)

Standing on my back porch was a young woman with no shoes wrapped in a blanket. A damp 48 degrees outside. As I questioned her through the door I realized she also had only undergarments on under that blanket. She wanted a ride down the road. Really?? Where? Why? How?

Keep in mind that our house is a good mile off ANY road. And, after two days of blessed rain, very mucky muddy roads.

By this time my young friend is telling me I need to wake up her dad. Which is weird anyway, right? But I didn't know that he was armed. (Good to know.) We brought the young woman in so she wouldn't freeze, and father and daughter decide they'll just get ready and leave and take her where she needs to go, even though we are still not sure where that is. Mom, voice of reason, says: Call the cops.

So we did. Meanwhile, a kind of disjointed story unwinds. They were mudding. Crashed the vehicle (golf cart or 4 wheeler) into water (tank or creek) and she was at the camper (??) changing when the guys started to argue (alcohol was involved) and she decided to just show them. (Not sure what she wanted to show them. She was already without clothing.)

The kind officer came. Knew exactly where she wanted to go. She went willingly.

Basically naked in a blanket.

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