Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Prince of All He Sees

I had a scrapping weekend this weekend. Rudy had to go to the spa. It was his first time in the arms of strangers. I was encouraged when the girl at the desk squealed and claimed she had found a new "desk dog". I was further encouraged when I went to pick him up and the girls squealed again when I said I needed Rudy. (Rudy is used to squealing. I think it makes him feel at home.) He sat on my lap all the way home on his hind legs licking my face. I'm glad I don't live too far from the doggy spa.

Zoey's car seat had to be removed from my car in order to load it with way too much scrapping junk. And knitting. And even sewing this time. (That wasn't touched, but when you are away on a crafting weekend, you must have way more stuff than you'll ever need....just in case.) Anyway, I'm guessing Rudy mistook it for his throne. From which to rule his domain.

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