Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Irish Shuffle

I have spent the last week, after getting my body clock back in order, shuffling piles. All of the dirty clothes of course went immediately into the dirty clothes basket so Cuddle Buns could begin his job of laundering them. He is much more able to get right to work and get things organized than I am. The heavy clothes, sweaters, etc. that I obviously don't need since today's weather headline is "Summer Just Won't Call it Quits" sat in a pile on my dresser. Then I shuffled them to the bed so I would be sure to put them up in the closet before I slept. Right. I finally shuffled them to a bottom shelf in the closet knowing that someday I will be cleaning the closet. Did I mention that when I had those sweaters, etc. on the dresser that they covered a whole duffel bag of souvenirs we brought back? Piles. I have shuffled them from our suitcases and tried to put them into piles as to His and Mine. He mixed them up because he shuffled his pile back to my dresser in an attempt to get ready for work. (Poor guy.) Then I shuffled them to the bed next to the clean sweaters because of course I will get everything done before bedtime. They were shuffled back to the dresser. Then some were shuffled to the guest room where they await mailing. Some of them. Those that aren't getting mailed have been shuffled to the kitchen table so I can grab them when I leave if I might be seeing the person I got them for. (Magnet for my hairdresser. Key chain for the miracle worker who gives me massage. Big, important items all over the table.) When that started looking really tacky, I shuffled them back to my dresser.

Some haven't even arrived at the house yet since we had some things shipped. I have a small house. Why did I buy out Ireland?

During this shuffle I am constantly stopping to take away Rudy's new favorite toy: Cuddle Bun's slipper. A billion dog toys clutter the floor. He wants the slippers...

Doesn't seem to matter where we hide them, he finds them.

His little bed here in my kitchen has been moved clear across the room by his running and jumping into it with whichever toy he is mauling. I move it back several times a day. He loves his bed and jumping into it.

When we're not shuffling or chewing on slippers, this is what we've been doing...probably a lot more than the shuffling...

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