Thursday, November 10, 2011

I hesitate to tell you this...

So, yesterday, kind of early - like maybe 6:30amish - I'm walking back into the bedroom with a cup of coffee and no glasses, and I see something in the carpet that I leaned over to inspect. And it moved. Well, really more slithered. I screamed. Rudy hid behind the coffee table.

We had a snake in the house.

Not a big snake. But no earthworm size, either. About 6 or 7 inches. No markings to indicate venom. But a snake.

After I screamed I tried to shoo it off the carpet onto the tile. Where, surprisingly to me, it had trouble slithering.  Rudy was still hiding behind the coffee table.  I captured it under a glass pot lid. And then contemplated.

I didn't want to get close enough to kill it. In my house. But the thought of letting it go kind of freaked me out, too. It came in once, after all. Did it have plans to winter in my bedroom? But, if I were to put it out of my misery, how might I do that? The shot gun seemed over-kill. (Most likely it would result in the loss of one of my toes IF I could even get the thing loaded. Which would require knowing where the ammo is and which ammo is actually  correct for which firearm?) Beating it to death with one of Cuddle Buns shoes wouldn't work for me. Knives weren't an option, either.

So, I let him go. Scootched him onto a newspaper and on out the back door where he high-tailed it into the grass.

I sure hope he decided to check out the next door neighbors'.

Rudy FINALLY came out from his hiding place behind the GLASS coffee table. Took him a long while to leave the rug, though. He never once saw the snake. Me screaming and jumping around with glass pot lids was enough to send him over the edge.

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