Thursday, October 13, 2011

What we've been doing, in no particular order

Due to my lengthy hiatus, I can't tell you in any good order what is going on in our world. It is just going!

  • Rudy had his two year check up. It's official. He's still the cutest pup at the vet. On the block. At Petco. 
  • There are other parts of this country, before our recent amazing cold front, that not only have rain, but cooler temps. On a regular basis. They even wear jackets and sweaters. 
  • Speaking of jackets and sweaters... Since it has dipped into the 80s here during the day, I know many people think it is COLD. It is not, folks. No real need for sweaters yet. I promise. You'll be fine. I don't get the coat sitings I've had. My body temp still hasn't lowered to normal from September!
  • I do hope it stays on the cooler side with maybe even cooler temps coming. I'm knitting a great looking sweater. I don't want to have to travel to wear it.
  • The For Sale sign is in our yard again. We tried to sell this place three years ago. Then Ike hit. Thent the housing crash hit. Now three years worth of accumulated junk later, we're going to give it a whirl again. 
  • My daughter and her family are again living on this continent. Only a one hour time difference to mess with when calling. (They are in one of the places with cooler weather. 48 yesterday. With rain. Can you imagine. Yes....I'd give you permission to wear a coat.) I've made a visit already. I wore a sweater a couple of times. That was almost as great as hugging the necks and swatting the butts of those boys I've not seen since March. 
  • But really, this is what we've been doing the most:

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