Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have issues...

Many. I'm sure that has been discussed among you. But this issue has me puzzled:

What are the job qualifications to work in signage? Must you graduate from high school? Pass the TAKS? Do you get any kind of test in proof reading? And, what is the pay scale? Do you get paid by the sign? Or by the correct sign? Is there a supervisor? What are the qualifications for THAT job?

Does this sign confuse those living on Liles Lane? 

Did someone just say OOPS? Maybe they won't notice?

Why hasn't anyone corrected this?? Electrical tape would work. Or even Sharpy drawn arrows. It is right in front of an elementary school, for crying out loud!! Have the kids noticed? Could it be a class project to fix it?

Or are they all misspelling that word on this week's spelling test?

Did I have the person who created this sign in class?

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