Friday, September 3, 2010

Ni Hao

Rudy and I have been bach-ing it this week. Cuddle Buns has been in China. I can't wait to pick him up today to hear about his whirlwind little adventure (he left on Monday, his luggage didn't make it, and he's coming back today) and see what awesome presents he brought me.

I typically am not one who needs presents. Some people I know just NEED them to feel loved/appreciated/etc. I'm not judging...that is just the way it is. I need words. BUT I am a FIRM believer in suitcase presents. Especially from countries where SILK and JADE come to mind. And since Cuddle Buns is usually unpacking suitcases after hunting trips (don't need those kinds of presents) I am really looking forward to this one.

After 30 hours on a plane, though, I'll probably have to rummage through his suitcase while he is snoring on the bed.

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