Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Much of This Can You Take?

About one and a half of my readership (which is about half of my readership) has suggested that I need to blog more often. This poses a problem for me. You already know I have a cute and clever dog. You already know my grandchildren are brilliant and even more clever than the dog. I hate to rub it all in. I've actually heard that other people think that THEIR grandchildren and pets are cuter/smarter/stronger/etc than mine. I've thought that by keeping it not quite so sickening, I might be low key enough not to hurt anyone's feelings when they read the truth here. (It IS on the Internet, afterall.)

But, my public has spoken. But you'll be SOOOOORRRRYYY!

Cuddle Buns did make it back from China. He got his bags the night before he flew back. Just in time to pack all of the gifts bestowed upon him for everyone here. I did have several suitcase presents. All silk. A silk blanket, for goodness sakes. A beautiful silk scarf. Two silk robes. (XL, I might add. Those people are so little!)  His Chinese hosts did send back a beautiful silver bracelet for the grandprincess since she had taught Gramps to say Ni Hao. (Actually, she taught him to say Ni Hao, Kai Lan. I had to tell him that the last part was actually a character's name.) I will at some point try to take some picts, but you know how those things photograph. I mean, want to see them?

My day today was awesome. I came home from a very relaxing massage to find a  Real Life Diva in my living room.

Her shoes light up, too. Very blingy. The jewelry is all precious silver plastic, plastic purls, and Disney Princesses. She spent some time playing inside before taking off all of her finery to play in the water outside until she started playing in an ant bed. Put a bit of a damper on the outside time. (That kind of sounds like she played outside naked. No....she was almost naked since her swimsuit is a bit smallish....but she was covered. Wish her feet had been.)

THEN, I actually went to knit night tonight. I tend to have a knit night every night here in front of the TV, but  Twisted Yarns is having this cool thing once a month where they provide a pattern for $5 of something you could finish quickly for Christmas gifts. They started in June or July, and I just haven't been able to attend. I did tonight. Had a knitter friend go with me.

The patterns tonight were of critters, and I almost succumbed. Just not sure who to give a critter to. The boys are kind of beyond stuffed toys, even of cool alien beings (which is the one I almost bought). I made Zoey the doll for her first birthday, and haven't seen it since, so.... I knit on another project. A scarf for Care Bear. DR knit her A&M scarf. We closed the place down. I mean, who leaves a knit night before it is over???

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  1. OMGsh! Can't believe I finally made it onto the 'Travels with Rudy' blog. What an honor! :-)