Monday, January 25, 2010

Is being a hunter/gatherer gender specific?

 This is our very lovely banana tree in our backyard. Actually, it isn't OURS. It belongs to the next door neighbors and insists on growing back on our side of the fence every year. I've chopped. Hurricane Ike blew it over. Poison was suggested by a yard man, but I won't do that to the neighbors. This last summer it was rather pretty. It didn't get too big and just looked kind of cute there behind our strategically placed electrical doodah box there in the corner. (Winter and a big dog being chased by a little dog through the yard have kind of exposed the box by trampling the big Japanese iris plant I have there to hide said box.) ( isn't a Japanese iris. I just  Googled it. Is Google capitalized? Anyway, the pictures don't jive and I can't remember what in the world that grassy plant with the pretty blooms is!)

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in Humble-upon-Houston. We left the back door open so Rudy could wander in and out. He loves sitting out there, barking at nothing, chasing salamanders, eating plants and carrying them into the house. I promise. That banana tree was twice that size yesterday. Rudy brought it in to play with. I was going to take a picture of the tree bits I swept up....but was too embarrassed by the other particulates in the heap. (Particulates....I've been watching too much "Bones"!)

I don't think I shared that once he dragged (drug?) in a COCONUT SHELL? Where in the world he got it I'll never know.

What I think he is trying to tell me is that winter is over and it is time to clean up the dreary yard. I'll get right on that...

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