Saturday, January 30, 2010

365 Challenge

Have you heard of it? I think the goal is to improve your photography skills. You take a picture daily. (There are variations. I saw one where you take a self portrait every day. No thanks.) Then, you learn how to take better pictures, scrap your daily life, whatever.

I have so many things that need improvement and quite honestly, photography is at the bottom of the list. I was thinking about doing it, starting late, as usual, but then couldn't really see myself scrapping a page weekly to include the 7 pictures. Even digitally. Then, once I did, well....then what?

SO! I'm going to TRY to take a picture a day and post it here. We'll see what happens. Expect random-ness. And most likely, lots of Rudy.

And, I'll most likely be a day behind. Go figure.

For January 29th, taken in Plano, Texas:

Biggest yarn shop I've ever been in. Zoey grabbed a basket and started putting in yarn. Had to restrain her. Then had to restrain myself.

PS...Some day I'm going back without a child.

PSS...taken from the car window on a Sony point and shoot (that will do more if I'd let it) in a fine rain and about 38 degrees, thank you very much.

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