Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I love planes

They take you places. Logistically, the whole business is amazing. Scientifically as well. I mean, I haven't fallen out of the sky once!

Cuddle Buns doesn't like to fly. Doesn't like waiting at airports.  What's not to like about airports?

On my way home from across the pond I chatted at length with a very nice young man who was on his way home from Sochi. How cool is that? He had been at the Winter Olympics with the news corp. I never found out who he worked for, but I did find out he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, so of course we talked of the MidWest. He said it was warmer in Russia. He reassured me that most of what I read on Facebook about the accommodations in Sochi were false. (WHAT? The Internet lied???) He said security was amazing.

Then on the last leg of my trip from Dulles to DFW, I sat next to a Grampa who had been with his daughter and two young grandkids for a couple of weeks while his SIL was deployed. We talked grandkids. Best topic in the world.

And yes….there were two screaming kids on that flight, but I felt so sorry for that young couple. I mean, those kids couldn't have been more than 10 months apart. I remember flying with babies and toddlers.

And if not for airports and airplanes I would have missed:

The Forest of Dean

And The Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Westminster Abbey

And teaching Care Bear how to crochet. And reading The Phantom Tollbooth to the boys. And seeing "The Lego Movie" with Care and Hayden (something I wouldn't have done, most likely, without them, and I would have missed out!).

My most disappointing thing?? (And it pains me.)

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