Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm embarrassed

You'd think I'd be ashamed of myself for not having posted anything for well over a month. There is a very good reason.

I've been too cold.

That is why I'm embarrassed.

I grew up in the north. Not the north like New York. North like straight up almost to Minnesota, where, they will tell you, winters are always colder than New York. Where wind chill really means something. The HIGHS have been near ZERO. So, even with our "wind chill", we're still 40 degrees warmer.

With wind up there, snow blows. You can't see. But you shouldn't be outside, anyway, because when you breath, your lungs freeze. It isn't pretty.

But I've been cold. Here in central Texas. Unable to get warm cold. I'm thinking maybe the hormones are aligned now. Because I wouldn't mind a good hot flash.

In other news, the THIRD skunk to take residence under our house has had babies. She just left. We saw her go…and there is now little squeaking under the living room. I'm thrilled. Do you know what a pier and beam house smells like when a skunk is near? Do you know how afraid I am to let Rudy go outside?

Rudy is beside himself. He is trying to get behind the armoire because he thinks something is there. I sure would trade what is under there for the squirrel that took up residence last winter.

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