Friday, July 26, 2013

The Weather Started Getting Rough

The tiny sip was tossed. (Remember when I sang that to your class DH?)

Cuddle Buns got here early today. Along with MT and the Grand Princess. I was in the city (Stephenville) getting a hair cut and picking up a few groceries for Cuddle Bun's and SIL's birthday celebration tomorrow. 

The celebration will not be as awesome as The Harry Potter Experience, but how could it be? 

ANYWAY Cuddle Buns had the boat ready for a three hour cruise when I got back. So off we went. I commented that there was a 50% chance of rain. It was quickly dismissed. We've had no rain when the chances were 100%! 

About 15 minutes into our little excursion we felt rain drops. In this parched part of the world, rain drops are always a reason to celebrate. We turned away from the rain, but it caught us anyway. The sun was still peaking through. We were sure it would pass. 

It didn't.

We decided to head in.

Now I've been practicing taking the boat off the trailer and guiding her back on, and as we dropped Cuddle Buns at the dock to get the trailer, that was still the plan. For about 10 seconds. The rain started pelting us from behind, the sun was gone, the temp dropped, and visibility was zero. I quickly gave up the helm to our second mate, MT. I huddled over two soaked and shaking dogs and one little girl who was not very happy that she was getting drenched. In her swimsuit. At the lake. Poor thing.

Fortunately, as Cuddle Buns backed the trailer down the ramp, the sky lightened just a bit, MT guided her on, and we road up the ramp. 

Cuddle Buns truck won't dry out for days. 

Good thing he got fancy floor mats for his birthday.

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