Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Somebody has to do it...

I'm off to Florida. Haven't been there since a college spring break road trip.

Now....in case you just raised an eyebrow...my sister, a senior in high school at the time, went with me. How in the world mom gave permission for that one, I'll never know! But we were traveling to Gainesville in a van packed with I don't know how many other people. We were dropped off at a high school friend's dorm while the rest of the herd went on to beaches unknown. And who knows what else unknown. We had a nice visit with Marilyn. (Marilyn...I'm sorry we lost touch. Where are you?) We then drove back to central Iowa via New Orleans. That was quite an eye opener for me.

ANYWAY, this time in many ways promises to be like spring break. I'm not going by van, but who knows how many people will be packed on that plane. I am going with my sister once again, because her second born is to be married there.  We won't be staying in a dorm room, but in a lovely beach house. I know there will be spring-break-like behavior by some we are with. But, hopefully that will be mostly confined to other accommodations, or at least other parts of the house at bedtime.

And, this time we'll be on a beach. Hopefully, a QUIET beach after the ceremonials. With books. And bathrooms close by. And much bigger beach cover-ups than in '72.

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