Saturday, December 1, 2012

More Thanksgiving

5. That Crazy Huge Moon the last few nights. Coming up like the sun. Pink and orange. Incredible. 

6. Helicopters and doctors. Care Bear's FIL was life flighted last night after a car accident. It was a precaution, Thank You Jesus. He has a small bleeder in his head but the doctors say it will heal on its own. They will be watching him for awhile though.

7. Texting. I was able to get info on said FIL without bothering his dear wife who is frazzled enough. I really miss texting Care Bear. She doesn't have a cell phone yet Across the Pond. Yet. (Does Santa need more hints??)

8. The DeLeon Ladies. They know who they are. I'm sure those who got my email prayed. And they check up on me. 

9. Fridays when Cuddle Buns comes to the country. 

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