Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Great Koi Rescue

We have a Koi pond here in the country. Since we moved in we have only guessed as to how many fish were in the pond. It was impossible to see more than about a quarter of an inch into the water. The owners left vague directions about the filter-it was supposedly on the west side.But the pond and fish were really low on the list of to-do priorities. 

Early last week the pump died. The Grand Princess and I "watered" the fish a couple of times a day to try to keep some circulation going. But that certainly wasn't going to keep the fish alive. So we made a trip to Home Depot for a new pump/filter and my handy dandy son-in-law led the troops to 

capture a couple dozen Koi,

 drain the slimy pond,

 refill the pond

 and release the fish into a cleaner home. 

Two of the little guys gave their lives for their buds. We were saddened by their passing. But thrilled their friends are in now safe.

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