Thursday, February 9, 2012

Counting My Blessings

I do not want to be here. Rudy doesn't want to be here. He likes the country. I love the country. So, I've been trying to list the good things about apartment living:

  1. Easy access to Target.
  2. My friends are here.
  3. There are lovely trees around our building and the birds in the morning are amazing. (They cover the road noise from 59. Kind of.)
  4. Speaking of road noise, we have easy access to 59. 
  5. There is fast food close by.
  6. I am walking more. Rudy can't just be let out. So, I'm getting in a half dozen mini-walks a day. This is good exercise AND  is calming.
  7. Cleaning is a breeze. 3 tiny rooms. 
  8. My church of 30 years is here. I look forward to meeting new friends in a new church. BUT, 30 years is a long time! (How many preachers have come and gone??)
  9. There is a drainage ditch bayou behind our place and these huge turtles bask on the sides. Cool. There are huge rabbits back there, too. Rudy discovered the rabbits yesterday.
  10. I have the Internet....mostly. And TV (although I've discovered I'm not watching it as much)(which is probably a good thing).
There may be more. I'll let you know.

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