Thursday, May 19, 2011

Play Dates All Around

My friend Carla wanted to take a road trip to Container Store. I'm always up for Container Store, but since she just had knee replacement surgery, didn't think she'd be comfy in my little rent-an-egg. (Car still not ready.) So, I drove her car. She came to get me, and we decided to take Rudy over for a play date with her Hobbit. (Hobbit spent the weekend awhile back, remember?)
They had great fun and immediately ran upstairs to watch us leave. I thought Rudy was a little distraught. Until I looked more closely at the pict.

He wasn't even looking at me. Probably not at all concerned about my leaving. Just giddy with a new window and stuff to bark at. With Hobbit by his side staring mournfully at his mom leaving. Man. Know where I stand now.

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