Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For Women Only

I had to have a couple of scans yesterday. The kind that I don't mind. You just lay back and have them scan their magic technical wands over you to see if you are loosing all of your bones or to see if your thyroid has doubled in size. Very unobtrusive tests. But as I was almost snoozing on the table, thinking about the other female tests that are NOT unobtrusive (as a matter of fact, they are downright OBTRUSIVE) I got to thinking about how if women ran this whole medical fiasco (from the start....not just coming in late) we'd have a spa for this kind of thing. Between procedures you could have a massage or pedicure. Maybe make it a girlfriends overnighter and bring your knitting or scrapping or reading or whatever you wanted to do in peace.

Don't get me wrong....I'm not saying our husbands don't let us do our thing in peace. Cuddle Buns is very accommodating, as I've mentioned before. I'm just saying that only our female sisters know what we're really doing when we go in for that pap smear. Right? OK...there are  probably some male gynos out there that get it. Doubt it comes up as a serious topic in the locker room, though.

The tech asked about the possible need for biopsy during the test. I know I'd want my husband there. But I stand by the fact that the females in my life would be more support. Still need to work on this aspect.

And along that same topic, I think the procedures would be different if women developed them AND that the test results would be immediate.

So, when you are checking out hospitals to give birth, make sure you find out if they have a masseuse on call. Or a nail tech. Or maybe someone to teach a class on making embellishments using paper scraps and all of those shape makers you've been collecting. Or on knitting baby booties. Or on deep breathing techniques while your legs are in the stirrups.

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