Sunday, December 13, 2009

For My Face-less Book Folk

Zoey had her first Christmas of 2009 last night. I'm leaving TOMORROW for Christmas with Care Bear and her family in Germany. So I had to give Zoe the gifts we had for her.

Aunt Carrie and Uncle Mike's gift was the PABORITE! (Not a typo - F is usually pronounced P with the Zoe.)

She immediately declared she needed a hat.

She named her Polly and talked really cute little talk to her nose-to-nose while petting her. When she wasn't riding her - hard.

I need to add that Rudy went a bit Cow Dog on us. Don't know if it was the presence of another animal in the house that didn't seem to think Rudy should have been given all attention, or if it was the wild horseback riding with the whoops and hollering going on. He ran from hill top to hill top. (Chair top to couch top.) The dog can leap.

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  1. Just way too cute! You need to get Rudy to ride the horse.