Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is there a Bolt Syndrome?

Rudy was dressed as Bolt for only a couple of hours. Really. But I'm thinking during his little procedure yesterday he may have become confused.

With careful post-surgery instructions I came home expecting him to be groggy for a day and then subdued so that I could, as warned, keep him from jumping or running a lot for THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. Right.

Either they hyped him up on Halloween candy or he got it all mixed up in his head during that foggy coming off the anesthesia time period and actually became his hero. He's been running and jumping MORE than usual. He's a maniac! Racing around the house and bounding onto the TOP of the couch. Jumping off our bed that is 20 feet off the ground. Jumping from one lap to the next. And the tail doesn't stop wiggling his whole behind.

Not at all like Cuddle Buns after his surgery.

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